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Dr. Emmanuel Adegbite researches, teaches and consults in the broad areas of Accounting, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility. He has either done research or has his research presented in several countries (e.g., UK, USA, China, Canada, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, France, Uganda and Spain) at international conferences such as The Academy of International Business; Academy of Management; and the European Group for Organisational Studies Colloquium. His research has been published in prestigious peer-reviewed academic journals such as the Journal of Business Ethics; International Business Review; International Studies of Management and Organization; Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society; International Journal of Disclosure and Governance; and the Journal of Corporate Governance. His works have also appeared in books published by leading publishers such as Palgrave MacMillan and Cambridge University Press. His research interests are focused on a fast growing area in the business management literature relating to the governance and responsibility of the modern corporation. In this field, he is working to develop an institutional framework for examining corporate governance in varieties of capitalism, and in the process augmenting (a) the burgeoning literature on corporate governance in developing countries, (b) the broad literature on comparative corporate governance as well as CSR studies and comparative institutionalism, and (c) presenting implications, not only to the academy but, to the business sector and the polity of developing market economies. His publications have examined the institutional, external, regulatory and firm-level determinants of good corporate governance in developing countries, and have facilitated deeper insights into the nature, practice and complexity of the corporate governance and accountability phenomenon in weak institutional contexts such as Nigeria. Apart from being one the foremost experts on corporate governance and CSR in Nigeria, he works with businesses, NGOs and governments, in the broad areas of instrumental and strategic corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and business ethics. He further engages with industry players, policy makers, opinion leaders and the general public in exploring how good governance can minimise corruption in both the public and private sectors. His research has been supported by many research grants including a recent £28,425 award from the British Academy.Together with colleagues, he has also been awarded another £310,045 by the Tony Elumelu Foundation to study ‘Africapitalism’. His research has been presented in several countries at leading international conferences. He is a Visiting Professor in Corporate Accountability at the Covenant University, Nigeria (2013 - present) and a visiting Professor in Corporate Social Responsibility at Toulouse Business School, France (May 2014). Dr. Adegbite currently teaches at the Durham University Business School, having worked at the Newcastle Business School, UK; Kings College London, UK; American Intercontinental University; University of Warwick; and Cass Business School, London, where he also received his PhD. He is member of the Academy of Management; Academy of International Business; Global Corporate Governance Forum; African Accounting and Finance Association; and the Society for Corporate Governance in Nigeria. He further has executive/editorial responsibilities at the Institute of Corporate Governance, Nigeria; British Accounting and Finance Association, and the Africa Academy of Management. He also serves as the Director of Administration and Operations of the UK based charity “Book Aid For Africa”.

Lecturer (A. Professor) in Accounting
Durham University

Name of Institution:
Durham University
Current Position:
Lecturer (A. Professor) in Accounting
Previous Positions:
Senior Lecturer in Corporate Governance, Newcastle Business School
Academic, Educational , Professional Qualifications:
BSc Geology MSc International Business PhD Management

Areas of Expertise:
- Accounting/auditing
- Financial Regulation
- Risk measurement/management
- Social investment/social enterprise
- Development
- Training/education

Other (Areas of Expertise): Corporate Governance Corporate Social Responsibility Business Ethics

Geographic Expertise:
- Emerging Markets
- Global
- Middle East/North Africa
- United Kingdom

Types of Service:
- Advisory
- Interview /opinion
- Speaking engagement/conference
- Consultancy
- Research/peer review
- Training/education
- Data/statistics compilation

Recent/Key Publications:
Publications Articles: newspaper •Adegbite, E. (2013). Corporate governance in Nigeria: Messes, problems and puzzles. Business Day •Adegbite, E. (2011). A review of the revised code of corporate governance in Nigeria. Business Day •Adegbite, E. (2011). Lagos political economy and governance. Punch •Adegbite, E. (2011). The Soothing Democratic Tsunami in the Gateway State: Omo Ogun Ise ya. Sahara Reporters •Adegbite, E. (2010). Letter to President Jonathan - Corporate governance regulation in Nigeria: Now is the time for a governmental strategy!. Peoples Daily •Adegbite, E. (2010). Media reports on Nigeria by the West: antagonism or bitter truth?. Punch Books: sections •Adegbite, E. (2012). Corporate governance and initial public offerings in Nigeria. In Corporate Governance and Initial Public Offerings. Zattoni, A. & Judge, W. Cambridge University Press. •Adegbite, E. & Nakajima, C. (2011). Institutional determinants of good corporate governance: The case of Nigeria. In Firm-Level Internationalisation, Regionalism and Globalisation. Hutson, E., Sinkovics, R. & Berrill, J. Palgrave Macmillan. 379-396. Journal papers: academic •Adegbite, E. (2014). Good corporate governance in Nigeria: Antecedents, propositions and peculiarities. International Business Review Forthcoming. •Adegbite, E., Amaeshi, K. & Nakajima, C. (2013). Multiple Influences on Corporate Governance Practice in Nigeria: Agents, Strategies and Implications. International Business Review 22(3): 524-538. •Adegbite, E. (2012). Corporate governance in the Nigerian banking industry: Towards a strategic governmental engagement. International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics 7(3): 209-231. •Adegbite, E. (2012). Corporate governance regulation in Nigeria. Corporate Governance 12(2): 257-276. •Adegbite, E. & Nakajima, C. (2012). Institutions and Institutional Maintenance: Implications for Understanding and Theorizing Corporate Governance in Developing Economies. International Studies of Management and Organization 42(3): 69-88. •Okike, E.N.M. & Adegbite, E. (2012). The Code of Corporate Governance in Nigeria: Efficiency Gains or Social Legitimation. Corporate Ownership and Control 95(3): 262-275. •Adegbite, E., Amaeshi, K. & Amao, O. (2012). The politics of shareholder activism in Nigeria. Journal of Business Ethics 105(3): 389-402. •Adegbite, E. & Nakajima, C. (2011). Corporate governance and responsibility in Nigeria. International Journal of Disclosure and Governance 8(3): 252-271. •Adegbite, E., Shrives, P. & Nichol, T. (2011). The role of government in corporate governance: Perspectives from the UK. Corporate Ownership and Control 9(1): 283-293. •Adegbite, E. (2010). A scrutiny of corporate governance. Journal of the Society for Corporate Governance in Nigeria 2(1): 242-265. •Adegbite, E. (2009). Corporate governance in Nigeria. Journal of the Society for Corporate Governance in Nigeria 1(1): 45-48.

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Working languages: English